Nanatech helps out Lyttleton

Nanatech has been very quietly lately, none the least due to travel, the ensuing health problems and then some recent earthquakes keeping everyone busy and distracted.

Being from Christchurch and living in Wellington it is really hard to feel useful and like you can help out. Lyttleton is one of my special places, pretty much one of my favourite places in Christchurch where I spent 8 years growing up. Today I saw this blog post a…nd I would like to help out this community group that has been decorating the fences in lyttleton with sewn hearts and bunting.

I think this is a great way Nanatech could help out in Christchurch.

So this group need fabric, spare buttons, old pale blankets, thin wool or fairly thick needles?

Lets do a fabric drive for lyttleton! For the next week please drop off any blankets, buttons etc for the group in lyttleton and a donation (even a few coins) to pay for the shipping.

So you can drop anything they need around to 22 Aro St, if no one is home you can leave it round the back underneath the awning šŸ™‚

Thanks so much guys, this could make a big difference to Lyttleton as it tries to recover!

The blog post is here FYI

FB Event with details here!/event.php?eid=131720176899924


2 Responses to “Nanatech helps out Lyttleton”

  1. 1 Jacinda March 11, 2011 at 8:06 am

    Wow.Big thanks to you. We are still full-time down at the coffee corner and will be over the weekend as people come back from being away. Such a gathering spot for people to reconnect with the community, catch up with news and enjoy the calm of a small project. We will so appreciate your offerings.

  2. 2 Jacinda April 9, 2011 at 11:50 am

    Your package arrived early last week and we have been loving the new blankets and wool to play with. Although we are not full-time now, we continue to stitch at the farmer’s market and outside the library a couple of times a week. Me and the girls are still going to schools and the kids love the project. We have started on a commemorative blanket aswel that we will keep at the Portal (the rooms of Project Lytttelton and the community garden). Thanks so much for your kindness and support. we loved it.

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